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    Stop teasing us, Joe Holmes!

    When's this album going to drop?? Teaser #3. The man's got some sick tone..
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    Fortin Hexdrive

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    Fortin TS-9 2nd run is live.

    No, that's the Flux Five. I'm pretty content with the regular version. The 5-band EQ version is a little pricey.
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    Fortin TS-9 2nd run is live.

    The TS808 was crazy output, which to my ears suffered from a lack of clarity. Did not like. The Hexdrive definitely has more clarity, but if you get too crazy with the tone knob, it introduces that Fortin metallic clank, (which I find unpleasant). That said, backed off, it's a great pedal.
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    New pedal day! Any guesses???

    Amazon Bezos boost.
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    Fortin Hexdrive

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    Anyone here from the early days ??

    I had run-ins with Sgt. Chump myself. I joined in 2006 from HC too.
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    Celestion G12K-100's are one of the best speakers around. Try to say I'm wrong.

    It's a great speaker if you're blasting it through a 4x12 at ear-shattering volumes. It definitely hits like a sledgehammer. I had great results mixing with V30's.
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    Fortin TS-9 2nd run is live.

    Its the best of the Fortin mods. I regretted selling mine, and grabbed another. For $229, it's a no brainer. It's a punchy pedal. That said, I'm REALLY digging the Flux Drive I just got. Not sure the TS9 will bump it off the board.
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    PRS SE’s that good?

    This.. The PRS tuners and pickups are garbage. However, if you get one cheap enough, it's worth it to upgrade. Depending on which model you're looking at, there's some better options.