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    Which album had the best guitar tone in the shred 80s days?

    Loudness - Thunder In the East Love how crunchy and aggressive it is. Ratt - Invasion of your Privacy Same thing but different flavour. Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King Thick, heavy, aggressive, but still warm
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    Marshall SV20H vs SC20C

    As others have said already, the SV20 is still a non-master volume amp, it’s really loud! For most people playing at home, the SC20 is the way to go. I have one of the blacked out stealth SC20’s from a couple of years ago and it’s just right for my purposes.
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    New Run Fortin TS9 arrived!

    Just got my Fortin TS9 (new run). Really like it so far into my JCM 800 Studio, has awesome output (just right, not too much) and a pleasing eq curve. Sounds great for rhythm and fluid solos. Very quiet too with high fidelity. I like it a lot more than the Hex drive that sounded a little too...
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    What year for original Jubilee cab with G12 vintage speakers

    Thanks everyone, I found a Jubilee cab from 1986 local to me but it turns out it has the G12T75 speakers after the seller got me a photo
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    What year for original Jubilee cab with G12 vintage speakers

    Does anyone know if there was ever a specific year when the original Marshall Silver Jubilee cabinets had the Celestion Marshall branded G12 Vintage speakers? (The original vintage 30’s). Every Jubilee cab I see for sale from that era always has the G12T75 speakers. I know they made the cabinets...
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    I have a confession to make ....... ( 2203x related ) and also a build quality confession .

    I get you, I used to have a 2203X and it had to be cranked. I would prefer that but the Studio gets me close enough to the sweet spot at more reasonable volume. That’s all.
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    I have a confession to make ....... ( 2203x related ) and also a build quality confession .

    If you want the true 80’s sound you have to have the 80’s pedal :rolleyes: it does sound different to the Waza SD-1 I have, it has more mid push and really sounds vintage correct to the sound of the day when you listen to the records. Any SD-1 will get close of course.
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    I have a confession to make ....... ( 2203x related ) and also a build quality confession .

    Not many that use a boost that I remember. There is no change in tone, it literally just adds another gain stage (or two with the toggle switch). So imagine your preamp volume goes to 15 instead of 10. You still need to boost it to tighten it up IMO. it just adds more gain to get you to your...
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    Gibson 500T?

    I’ve tried it in an Explorer and Les Paul Classic. It’s a great pickup, to me it’s what a ceramic JB might sound like. Duncan Distortion is similar but tighter and a better choice if you tune low. 500T is a little looser and better for more traditional hard rock / metal. It is compressed for...
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    I have a confession to make ....... ( 2203x related ) and also a build quality confession .

    As others have said, get the Hot Mod, no mods required, it just slots into the v2 preamp tube slot (make sure you get the version for the reissue amp). Boost with an SD-1 to taste. Get an 80’s Japanese SD-1, they are just better, trust me. I run these with a Marshall JCM 800 Studio (20’watter)...
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    Megadeth rig rundown 2022

    I thought it was interesting how the show was all run by computer, even changing the Cortex patches on the fly for whatever song or part they are playing, runs the lighting system, videos, I assume runs the drum click and backing sound effects etc. it’s sad in a way from the old days of...
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    See You In Hell. Steve Grimmett passing

    Had all their albums on cassette in the 80’s. Steve Grimmett’s voice was amazing and they had great riffs and songs. Hard to believe guitarist Nick Bowcott is still around doing YouTube demos for Marshall and Sweetwater.
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    Reverb Canada- I'm done with them. Taxing Used now

    Man, I didn’t realize that but I don’t think I’ve bought anything from Reverb this summer except for an open-box speaker that was in a local shop that I picked up local and knew I had to pay tax. Didn’t realize that applied to non-business folks now. Maybe because it’s Reverb who is really the...
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    Fortin TS-9 2nd run is live.

    I thought you were talking about the Fortin TS808 but I just got the email for the next batch of the TS9s. Most reviews I’ve seen people prefer the previous TS9 and complain the 808 is way over gained. I wasn’t going to buy either but I thought I better try it out at least. I have the Hex drive...
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    Things that bug you about gear

    Cutting each end off of the strings for Floyd Roses. Then having to collect and wind up all the pieces and tape it up safely in the string package for the garbage because I’m always stabbing myself.