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    Egnater Tweaker 15

    What do you play now? Why not a Vox if thats the tone you are looking for? I'm not well versed on them, but I think there are some combos that aren't too expensive.
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    Egnater Tweaker 15

    I grabbed a Tweaker 40 from GC about a year ago. The two sides are identical, but on the one I got one side didn't work right. I played with it for a bit on the good side to get a feel for what it could do. I liked the Vox setting though I'm not sure how true to a Vox tone it is. The amp...
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    weed is now legal in nj

    I often wonder if they legalize it in my state if I would partake. Haven't decided. My wife never has and will never do it and about 4 or 5 years ago my kids gave me hell about smoking a cigar. Seems my opportunities would be pretty rare. Even so, its been 20 years...why go back?
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    Gotoh Floyd

    hmmm...I put a Gotoh on 2 different Les Paul Axcess and I had to use a dremmel to trim down the base plate on the Gotoh a bit to get it to fit the guitars route. Maybe it depends on the guitar and specific body route cut?
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    FSOT: Digitech Whammy V

    Great condition and perfect working order. Velcro on the bottom. Original power supply included. $160 Shipped/PayPal'd to CONUS only. Selling off some things and looking for a very specific list of new gear. I'll list them here as trade interests, but please nothing else outside of this...
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    I thought there was someone selling a Splawn Competition here or on TGP?
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    Bogner Atma vs Shiva

    Don't overlook the Goldfinger if you like the Bogner thing. I had a 20th Shiva amongst other Bogners and I am really digging the GF SL I just got. Crunch to pretty damn high gain and more control over a tight aggressive tone/feel vs a more smooth tone/feel.
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    Ever been ripped off selling/buying gear online ?

    I haven't been outright scammed on an online deal, but had a few that weren't great transactions. I was ripped off on a local deal though with a guy that was supposed to build me a hollowbody. He was just starting off, but after months of very slow progress for no real apparent reason and some...
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Got the GF SL yesterday. Pretty cool guitar system as Reinhold would call it. Very nice clean channel for sure. I really like how the boost on the clean adds some chime and the slightest hint of grit. Really makes it more touch sensitive and dynamic. The Gain EQ is a very interesting and...
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    Bush League Reverb Deal

    I was looking for a Bogner GF SL and Reverb only had 2 listed. One of them being from this guy. I was tempted to reach out and ask if he (they) really had one in stock, but decided against it. Glad I didn't head down that dark path. At brand new price Sweetwater made more sense, but I found...
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    Where are all the Goldfingers?

    Not much content on Goldfinger amps in this sub-forum. I have a Goldfinger SL on the way. I have owned a Helios 100, 20th Shiva, 20th XTC w/EL34, and also borrowed for a short time a 101b and a Helios Eclipse. I like the Bogner stuff a lot and was feeling the itch, but with some different...
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    Shout-out to Scott Splawn!

    Always helpful to me with used amps as well. I had a bridge rectifier go on a QR as well and he knew right away what it was just by my email explanation and pointed me in the right direction. I miss my Super Comp Mini.
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    Reaching out to Mark Cameron

    I've known there has been a history of issues with people getting ripped off, but what is the deal with the guy? Drugs?
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    On Hold

    That's cool! Can the amp still EL34 or would that require modification?
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    collinsmike1234556 has everything!

    These guys attacking the WTB ads lately are out of control.