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    Acceptance of reality

    I have a 'technique' for a songwriting rut. I take the dumbest idea i have, and try to write the dumbest song I can around it. The goal, is to just write a song that is dumb. Psychology. When you free yourself of trying to be 'cool' or 'metal' ... now you can just write SOMETHING...
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    Motley Crue Using Backstage Musicians

    Listen to the 'last show' thing they did a decade ago. Mick absolutely killed it. He's the man. Huge pocket.
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    Dems and Pedos

    I'm a democrat/liberal. I don't support pedophilia.
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    Mesa Single Rectifier

    I still have my Voodoo Single. It's the only tube amp I kept.
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    Hamer California Elite - who has played one?

    I had a USA Chaparral from the same era. Quilt top, OFR. Great guitar, heavy as balls. Chaps were set neck though. Mine had that Floyd-thing where it would stick 1/4 pitch up and you had to jerk the bar down to bring it back to pitch. So I sold it for peanuts in the 90s. Californias were...
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    Advice: Bridge Pickup for alder super strat

    Ha Ha pickups. Look back at RigTalk through the years. 4 years ago BareKnuckle pickups were the an absolute must. What the fuck is a scottosan?
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    Love/hate for Fender HM Strats?

    curious. I thought the neck was weirdly narrow.
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    Love/hate for Fender HM Strats?

    I remember them from the 80s. In the really-real...they are forgettable. I think they had an R2 nut. That's a minus IMO. I'd much rather have an Ibby 550 from the same era.
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    new Nickleback

    Not one nickelback critic could write one song/riff/hook as good as any nickelback song. prove me wrong, douchebag.
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    Pete Willis vs. the other guy...

    Tiffany rules. Have you seen her nudes?
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    Crazy how different an amp sounds in different rooms

    The room is everything. More than your precious amp, more than your precious cab, more than your precious lick. Move your shit to the other wall and tell me I'm wrong.
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    Public service announcement - Pull The Plug!

    I'm so metal, that I shant unplug during a solar fart.
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    Rack cases

    So THATS what the call them now!! I've been looking for Boogie shock-racks for ever, and when you find one, they want a million dollars. I have a 16space...but with the older suspension. I love it so much. I've had it since 94. I want every one I can find.
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    Most underrated drummer?

    Mike Froedge. DoubleDrive/BLS
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    I had an SGE. I know it's not the same, but it's the model right before this. Of course the distortion was fucked. But the point is, after I got my ADA I used the SGE for FX only like my buds used their QuadraVerbs. It took me a year to discover that the converters, or whatever the fuck...