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    What's the most you've spent on a piece of gear.

    Around $2200 for a NOS Orange Dual Dark. Everything else I own was less than that. Worth it to me, it’s what I want to sound like, it’s the tone in my head.
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    OPINION: VSTs Sound Like Absolute Dog Shit

    Really depends on amp sim and IRs. Do some of them sound like shit? Of course, just like some amps sound like shit. Mercuriall does great stuff, NDSP has some good ones and like said above, that Lasse STL Tonality suite is sick. I have a Herbert and there’s a preset in there that sounds...
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    Free Pickups - September 26 Edition

    Scott if you have something sludgy/doomy I could throw in a LP I’d be glad to take it. Currently what’s in my LPC is a set of PRS McCarty pickups and while great, I could do with more power/saturation in the bridge. If you’ve got something hi powered and more geared towards down tuning I’m...
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    Here's something. Y'all ever write and record something you think is modern and hip...

    I wrote something the other day and sent it to a friend and he sent me a clip of Crowbar from 89, I ripped that riff completely…
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    The Pot

    Nice work sir!
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    Reactive loads, IR

    I use a Suhr RLIR with all of my big boy amps for recording; Herbert, Dual Dark, Armageddon. Thing slays, does exactly what I want it to. Anyone running tube amps and recording at home owes it to themselves to check out this tech, it’s fuckin awesome.
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    NAD: first Mesa!

    Congrats man, and HNAD! Mesas rule, I need another one…
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    Four years later -- still enjoying it

    Good Bud of mine has one of these; any time we do an ampfest there’s like 6-7 straight badass ESPs, and a couple sick Ibbys and I’ll bring a custom or two along as well. This thing always gets just fuckin HAMMERED on because it sounds great and plays just like it sounds. Those guitars are...
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    NGD!!!!!!! 1976 Norlin Les Paul Custom 😎

    Noice man, fuck YEAH you throw EMGs in that!
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    sleeper amps

    Buddy has one of the RH100s; I was shocked at that thing. We put it up against both our Oranges and my Herbert and it could hang with both. Got that 90s death metal tone in spades. He paid $85 shipped from GC a couple years ago for it lol
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    sleeper amps

    Orange Dual Dark, only ever seen a couple here. Channel A is more vintage, takes a boosted fuzz great, Channel B is way more thrash/modern metal when it’s boosted. Figured you guys would love these but I hardly see them anywhere. One of my favorite amps of all time.
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    Herbert amp's 180W capability and speaker/cab question

    I on the other hand use both a 4x12 for jamming and a Suhr RLIR for home recording using my Herbert. The manual says for the RLIR it’s actually rated for 150 watts, but like said above there’s no reason to have this amp up any more than 50%; I barely even crack the master when recording. No...
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    Build me a truck rig!

    Fuck dude I thought I was going crazy; all this digital stuff sounds fantastic at home, figured it’d be great on the road. It’s a shit ton of noise when the computer is plugged in and I couldn’t figure out why, so thanks for this! I’ll charge this thing during the day when I’m driving and then...
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    Noice! HNAD mang CLIPS!