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    VHX IR and power-amp

    Is the VHX's IR recording output based on an attenuated power amp output? How does the recording output include the tone shaping of the power section? My understanding is that the DSP is between the preamp and power amp, as in a standard serial effects loop. thanks!
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    Rockerverb MkI 50 Watt combo - what to expect from 6v6 tubes

    This thread is old but as a fan of the 6v6 rockerverb I feel it’s my duty to reply. I’ve had mine since 2006 (head, not combo). I’d describe it as warm, dark, saturated. That’s with an orange 4x12 cab. It’s somewhat tight. Vh4 is tighter (I’ve tried one). I wouldn’t consider the orange raw...
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    Smaller Wattage Diezel

    You guys make amazing amps! I'm looking forward to this one!
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    Boogie MkV:25 effects loop issue

    I've noticed that my MkV:25 has signal bleed to the power amp, even when the effects return is silence. Here's a video demonstrating: Could a tech improve this? (It's causing problems with my effects setup)
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    Synergy Vh4

    Which two channels of the VH4 amp is the module based on? It's not clear from the synergy website. thanks!
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    slanted front panels

    I'm curious why Diezel decided to stop the slanted front panel after the VH4? (Though it looks like it will be back on the VH Mini) It's a cool distinctive design. I think the ergonomics are great, since usually you're looking down at the amp. The diagonal knob layout on the VH4 are also...
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    Diezel VHX review

    I love the VHX concept of everything you need in one really classy box. It's great to see Diezel is open to including DSP in their amps. As a software developer, I'm really impressed that a small company can accomplish such engineering. Really, the only thing that gives me pause is the weight...
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    VH4 inserts questions

    Ok, thanks! Let me ask another way: can I have, say, a little reverb on channel 4 and a lot of reverb on channel 1, independent of the channel volumes? Seems I would have to use the mixer method above, or get a pedal with MIDI.
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    VH4 inserts questions

    Thanks Leo! The parallel loop send level is not programmable (only the on/off), right?
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    VH4 inserts questions

    Peter said over on this thread that the inserts are after the preamp. Two questions: 1) Are the insert returns summed? Put another way, if I patch a reverb pedal in the channel 4 insert, will I lose the reverb tail when switching to another channel? 2) Could I route the channel sends to a...