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    WTB: Splawn Nitro KT88

    If anyone is interested in selling their Splawn Nitro KT88 head, reach out. Unfortunately not interested in the EL34 version.
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    Please Read! Beware - Scam Alert!

    Agreed, he responded to my WTB ad and everything about the conversation is sketchy. No references, very low price on a rare item, only wants to use Venmo or money order (wtf uses money order in 2022). Will be avoiding like the plague.
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    WTB: Marshall JCM 800 2203KK

    If you would consider selling your JCM 800 2203 Kerry King, PM me, thanks
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    Sold: Gibson Les Paul Supreme - Cherry Sunburst

    Thanks guys! Didn’t plan to sell it but something locally came up that unfortunately put this on the chopping block.
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    Sold: Gibson Les Paul Supreme - Cherry Sunburst

    Up for sale is my Gibson Les Paul Supreme in Cherry Sunburst. Only selling to fund another piece. Guitar is in excellent condition and comes with OHSC. The case is in good condition, the handle has a tear but is fully attached. $3500 shipped CONUS, PayPal friends and family. Can provide...
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    FS or Trade. Splawn Super Sport

    Full sized box?
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    FS: Splawn Super Sport 50watt EL34

    Full size head box? (29 in)
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    Let Us Know What You Think

    Interesting approach , can see it creating controversy as no one seems to understand the guidelines, haha
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    311 plays the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park CO

    Yea, highly underrated high gain tone if you ask me. Everyone sees him as this reggae player but his stuff can get hard.
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    Drummer's opinion

    I viewed the ask about technical drummers vs feel and/or how hard they hit. Carey would be up there in the technical category for sure. So I thought the grouping made sense.
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    Passive SD vs EMG vs Fishman Fluence through tube amps (Marshall JVM)

    I’d say SD —> EMG —-> Fishman
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    Boss PQ4 info

    Yea, never heard that before either. It may simply be supply and demand given there GE-7 is popular enough. I am not sure your majority of players goes for a parametric eq vs a 6 to 10 band equalizer. Dunno, just my thought.
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    NAD; Ceriatone Molecular

    Great quick demo. Yea I thought an atomica was recently sold on the forum.