1991 Bogner Ecstasy 101B – Quick Demo


Time to time I like to record some tube amps, so I keep some reference for myself and friends.

This time it's Bogner Ecstasy from 1991 or 1994, don't remember.
signal chain is very simple 1959 Reissue Gibson Les Paul, straight to amp. In post processing some little eq just to make AKG C414 and Royer R121 sound more pleasing(I don't like celestion spikes around 4k). little bit of plate reverb and Eventide H3000 for extra air. noting big, I think 90% would not noticed unless I told.

Bogner made couple great videos with Steve Lukater Playing amp, I wish I were that good when noodling on guitar.


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I had a really nice, clean pre-04 XTC a few years back. I wish I had have kept it but I needed something smaller and lighter. Fantastic sounding amp.


thanks great video shows all the modes nice - chords and no BS reverb - the older ones sound better IMHO - different transformers right?