2000 Bogner 101b: Can't get bias in range!


Hey all. I have a 101b from 2000. It's time to change the tubes and for the life of me i can't get any tube to get past 20mA. These are all matched quads btw. I do believe the bias resistor is R114. What value resistor would i use to get my tubes to bias hotter? Also, i don't need to replace the resistor right? I can just piggyback the other one in parallel....correct?


it should be 33k stk (el34 101b that's what mine is) make sure someone didn't change it or piggyback something on there. You'll need to increase resistance. you can't piggy back (parallel) a resistor on there, it will just decrease the resistance. you need to increase resistance (series). Best IMHO see whats in there and change it to the right value. Depending on whats in there 10K more should do it for you. :rock: