Sounds like Jett could get a perfect season again

For some reason, it’s just not as cool as when Ricky did it but damn you can’t take it away from the kid. I’m certainly not that talented.
RJ Hampshire out “for a bit”. He hit a “basketball size rock” during press day practice and broke his wrist.
Looks like its gonna be a race for 2nd- and back. They gotta figure how to get Jett behind them off the gate or its gonna be a boring year in the 450's. The 250's look like they will be better even though deegan won both Moto's. Strange that Vialle gets docked for cutting the track and deegan does not..... Hmmmmmmm...
I don't know any details on that yet, there may be a reason, but if someone is gonna get kid gloves treatment I'd rather it be Vialle :D
The AMA has always pissed me off for different reasons on different years...
I'm gonna try to stay optimistic, it wasn't that hot and the track wasn't that rough compared to what's coming.. Maybe as it gets harder Chase will find some nuggets that will help him keep it interesting..
Was good to see Masterpool get a ride on one of Mitch's bikes, I bet he will get better in the next few races. His team was really cool about that whole thing, they seem to want him to do well whatever the circumstances turn out to be for him.
Savatgy too, he looked really good on the Triumph
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There’s video of Deegan accelerating while riding off the track.

That’s all I have to say about that…

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Lots of sand added, Hangtown used to be blue groove hard pack. The trend to make all the dirt the same is annoying. Guys who were hardpack or sand specialists would have an edge at certain tracks, but that has disappeared.

Not that it matters to Jett….