4x12 Speaker Cabinet "Holy Grail"


I have had way too many 4x12 cabs.

Bogner 4x12 (V30's)
Orange 4x12 (V30's)
Splawn 4x12 (Big Blocks)
Marshall JCM800 4x12 (V30's)
Marshall JCM900 4x12 (G12T-75's)
Marshall JCM900? 4x12 (Greenbacks)
Ampeg V3 4x12 (G12-65's)
Soldano 4x12 (CL80's)
VHT 4x12 (P50E/V30 mix)
Mesa Oversized 4x12 (V30's)
Mesa Standard 4x12 (V30's)
Mesa metal grill (C90/EV mix)
...and probably some more.

The best one that I have ever had was a Mojotone British 4x12 with 2 WGS Veteran 30s and 2 Hellatone 60L's. That cabinet sounded great with every amp that I plugged into it.
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Right now I have a Marshall 4x12 1960B Classic cab w/ with 25 watt greenbacks made in England & an Avatar open back 2x12 with a vintage 30 and a G12T-75. The Avatar sounds much better with my Marshall 1959 MkII Superlead even though the 4x12 is supposed to be the holy grail with that amp.

Years ago I had two JCM800 4x12s w/ 75 watt speakers using with the same amp and it sounded awesome as well. I guess I'm not a fan of 25 watt greenbacks.


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This is the VHT 412 I am considering buying... Greenbacks top / V30s bottom - 90s if I am not mistaken


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