69 Pontiac Firebird 400 restoration complete...whew!

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I bought a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 in 2015. As usual, 330 hp in a Pontiac 400 motor, well, it wasn't enough for me. LOL

I finally got it back out of the shop on Friday...here's some pics. Don't ask how much I have into it...but it is nice.




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Sweet, I bet you got some nice Jensen 6x9 co-axles in there.. 😁
LOL, no but I did have the Jensen triaxials in my first 69 Bird 44 years ago, does that count?

Right now it has a couple of 6x9 4 ohm 250w speakers with some beefy magnets in the back the previous owner put in, so no gripes. It also has the center firing dash speaker as well. I bought a new Retrosound BT radio with all the gadgets, so I can let the iPhone speak through the radio for navigation, make and receive calls, and put a 128 gb USB stick with a ton of tunes on it. There's some spotty radio reception up at 5500 ft elevation in northern AZ sometimes, and besides...I can dial in Highway Star, Can't Drive 55, etc with ease. LOL
You'd be right about that! LOL I haven't totaled it all up, but roughly I have $75k into it (including purchase price) since 2015. The 3.55 positraction gears took a dump and I just had Yukon HP 3.73 positraction gears put into the rear end. There's some AC relay goofing up and then it's time to tune the Holley 750 to the 2004r and get the automatic kickdown working correctly with some new linkage. So it's been back in the shop for the last 8 weeks getting that dialed in. That 68 is just nuts...Lingenfelter LSA with 800 hp...Jeezus, that's a bunch of horsepower. Luckily I have an 04 Vette with a supercharger that makes 700hp, 575 to the rear wheels, so I get it. Time to build some speakers, answer emails, and all that good stuff.
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when I was in high school, my neighbor's brother-in-law was selling his '67 Firebird 400 convertible, had the factory hood tach, numbers matching; engine block was painted in blue, with chrome headers and air filter.

I managed to buy it with some help from my family. pearl white, cragar mags (Firestone 70s in the front, 60s in the rear) and shifter, aftermarket fuel injected, he had the rear wheelwells nicely flared to cover the 60s. I added an 8-track player.

in addition to playing in bands, the car was a chick magnet.

that was around '79-'80, and I paid $1500 for it. sold it to a friend when I went to college, and he ended up blowing the motor in upstate NY
Lots oh luck with it.

What ignition are you running

About 10 yrs ago i pulled the pretty red, black boxes, big yellow coil and converted back to points.
also ditched the 4" K&N for a stock 2.5" Wix paper filter

id never noticed anything was different lol

Car runs just as well and nothing to troubleshoot if something goes wrong

now just have to get the damn AC going. need to convert to R134 but im told thats being phased out. so just waiting around for the environmental idiots to act

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