About to buy a Diezel Herbert, need help with cab selection


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Hi folks,

I'm about to buy a Diezel Herbert and would like to know if a 2x12 cab is ok for jamming at my house instead of the 4x12. I already decided to go with a rear loaded version. Also, would you recommend the Diezel cab or would a Mesa Boogie recto cab would also be a good pair to the amp? I have a Friedman 4x12 loaded with Scumbacks, but don't know if these would pair good with the Diezel.

Anyway, suggestions on this topic are much appreciated.


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I had a FL Diezel V30 2x12 and didn't care for it all that much. I liked Mesa 2x12 and Orange 2x12 as they seemed smoother to my ears. For 180w though I'd go with a 412 all day long over a 212.


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I ran the one I had through a Whitebox 2x12 loaded with G12K-100s. SOunded pretty mean. Those speakers handled the brute low end force of the Herbert like a champ with zero flub.


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I love my Herbert through a pair of Diezel FL 4X12’s
One loaded with K100’s and one with V30’s

Sounds AMAZING!!!


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Econ":2mxmmt6w said:
Since I will be using this at home, I think a 4x12 is probably too much.

But you're buying a 180 watt Herbert to play at home and you're worried a 4x12 cab will be too much? Haha. But seriously, get a 4x12, you wont regret it.