Amp pics .. post them


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‘71 on top
‘74 on bottom
Stock AX/BX cabinets


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That is part of amp collection. Most of the others are at a different spot, but the clean amps are at the same place, just in another room.


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Thank you all for sharing your amp pics. Man, Really cool to see what you all have. If any of you interested in BOSS ME-80 Custom patches I’m working on my collection and have them available for sale. They are very affordable. My site URL is listed in my profile.
Keep your pics coming, I’m sure more amazing amp setups are still out there!


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This was totally my first amp. It was a total fart box. I will say this. Its a great thing that beginners gear has improved Much. On one hand I think every beginner needs shit gear but on the other hand, I see how gear THIS shitty can be discouraging and could make it not fun to play. I wouldn't be surprised if many beginners actually quit because their gear was so bad.


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DistortED - wow. Can you provide some info about your amp? What a phenomenal collection!