Anderson Amps 20 watt 1X12 Combo


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Features: This my second Anderson Amp, I also have a 18/20/45 with 2-2X12 cabinets. But after having that setup I wanted a combo. It's a 20watter with 6L6's and also has tubed reverb, and a boost. I also had Jack put in a Master Volume with was nice to be able to turn the volume all the way up then back the Master off so you could play at lower volumes but get the full favor of the power tubes. This amp is a true jem like all Jack's amp. We decided to go with a Weber Silver 75 watter which is my favorite speaker. (2X12 cab got a Silver Bell and Blue Dog in it) Amp is got JJ's all around thanks to the guys at Eurotubes, always a big help.

Sound Quality:I play the Anderson with a Gibson Les Paul Traditional, 2000 Ash Strat with Fralin's Blues Special, 2000 Ash Tele with SD design pickups and a Custom Koa Strat with SD design pickups. I meanly play Blues, the amp is got to be one of the cleanest most responsive amp I've played. Then it breaks up very nicely when pushed. I was worried at first that it might be a little to small on the watts but boy I was wrong, this baby is perfect. Just good over all sound. It has the most natural warm overdrive I've ever played in a amp.

Reliability:Jack's amp have to be the most reliable amps I've dealt with (that's why I have two) If I needed to gig I would feel very comfortable with this amp not letting me down. Jack build each one at a time and puts his heart and soul into each one. Sometime I feel there more works of art than amps. But playing them is always better than looking at them.

Customer Support:Jack is one heck of a guy, he's never to tried to talk amps or answer any dumb questions. And I've had a few. The one time I had a problem with my 18/20/45 I called him and over the phone we worked out the problem, found out it was the rectifier tube and he sent me a new one. Oh I had the amp for over six months. Now that customer support! Also when I went to pick it up the mini 20 just like the first time, he set there as you play the day lights out of it, switching tubes and speakers to your liking. In fact he doesn't let any of the amps go unless you are completely happy. The best thing about Anderson Amp's is Jack gets you involved, with the process you pick everything out you go back and forth with idea's and when it's all said and done hopefully your dream amp is done. I remember Jack telling me his goal was to built me, the last amp I would want to own. Well he almost did that, tell I both a second Anderson.

Overall Rating:I've been at this for 15 plus years and like most gear head junkies I've either own it or played it. And I would have to say these are the finest amps money can buy. The ideal setup for one is a Weber Silver Bell or Blue Dog(maybe both if you can) higher watts on the speaker 75 watts, and JJ tubes. To me it doesn't get any better for tone than this. I don't even use pedals on the Mini 20 watter. It has the most natural overdrive in a amp I've heard. The only draw back with the amps is the time it well take you to get one. Jack's waiting list is any where from a year and a half to two years. But it was worth all the time. To give an idea the closest amp to the Anderson for about three times the money would be a 65 amp. The one thing I wish I had Jack put into the amp would of been a extension jack for another speaker cab. But I guess that's what the head is for.
If more knew of Jack's amps we wouldn't be able to afford them used. ;)

I have a 20/45 I got from Jack back in 2005 and have been using it since. Jack has modded it for me over a have a dozen times and because I am lucky enough to live near him he's even had me over to tweak the tone of the amp in real time. Jack is one of the most amazingly nice people I know and have known since the mid 90s when I first met him at a Seattle guitar show.

P.S. He's still in business, but he's in his mid 70s now. That said last week I had him clean and service my amp, and as usual it sounds stellar.