Anyone still play a standard tuned 6 string?

I split my tabs into tuning piles. E Standard tuning by far stacks nearly all the other tunings combined. Half-step down is the next biggest. The D Standard. Drop D. After that about 10 tabs in each tuning pile.
70%-80% of the time I am in standard E.. 20-30% of the time I use my other guitar that's tuned to E flat. But when practicing, jamming with friends or just noodling around, I stick to Standard E.

Standard majority of the time unless playing to a specific band's song. Standard got a weird rap in last few years and the notion that someone needs a 7/8/9-string to sound heavy or drop tuned to infinity is crazy. Some of the heaviest music we all base our interests on were in standard.
Started on standard. Moved to drop d and played mostly dropped tunings for years. Slowly moved back to standard tuning. Also changed my focus from learning harder rock and metal core kind of songs to blues so i think that explains the tuning transition. Still like both
Rock band plays in Eb; Acoustic plugged in band (soon to be full electric) is in standard A 440....I've actually come to prefer Eb and its a pain in the ass going back and forth on same guitars as the Eb rigs have settled in...
Three superstrats and a tele in standard tuning, a B.C Rich in D, a Les Paul in D or drop-C and and an Ibanez MMM1 baritone for low tuning experimentation. Was in B/drop-A for a while and recently in G#/drop-F#. Big strings, just one full tone sharper than a standard bass. The F# string is 74 gauge. It's fun for riffing.
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Mostly standard on 6 and 7, sometimes drop D, and I have a Drop pedal for when I want to play something that's tuned down. I also have one guitar that stays in open C.
Several guitars:

Mostly E standard.
I have one (a bright one and 25.5" for D standard)
And got a second les paul for Eb.

I do keep the strings light. For example for E guitars I put 9s, and for D I put 10s.
Standard and Eb or Drop D. Not ideal, but I learned on a nylon string classical with a huge neck and I still suck today