Anyone tried Celestion Hempbacks with their Diezel?


As per the title...

I've got 3 Diezel cabs: a German 212 Front Loaded w/V30s, a German 212 Rear Loaded with Tone Tubby Hempcones (I presume the 4040s), and an old tatty ex-rental US-made 412 Rear Loaded with V30s.

The 4x12 often seems a little bit pokey and harsh compared to the other 2 (even though the 212FL has the same speakers - maybe it's just less "beam"-y being FL? Dunno). Since I like the TT Hempcones with my Hagen and are a little smoother in the top end I was vaguely toying with the idea of taking 2 of the old V30s out and putting a pair of those in, in a X pattern maybe. But Tone Tubbies seem pretty expensive with no UK distributor so import etc, on top. So pondered if the Celestion Hempbacks might be a half-price similar idea. Maybe the mix would make it a bit less harsh but maybe more clarity than Hempcones alone? Dunno. So wondered if anyone tried them?