Audio phase per channel for Hagen and Herbert Mk2?


Was going to be trying to run 2 amps at once and obvs a lot of multichannel amps change output phase on different channels from what I hear. No one normally cares, but if you're running 2 amps at the same time it matters. I can program phase flips to one of the amps per preset on my RJM PBC so both amps are always in-phase regardless of the channels used. So anyone know how output phase changes with channel and solo/midcut?

Guess my Herbert flips change going ch1 to ch2 and back again for ch3? And solo/midcut makes no difference because they're not adding more tube stages? Or is that not a thing and I'm just wildly speculating?

Does Hagen do the same? Tube manual seems to show it using 3 tubes across 4 channels, so not sure I can deduce much from that about relative phases?

Obvs I can sit here buggering about with the phase inversion setting on all channels trying to work it out, but would save me a load of trouble if someone knows already (and my Hagen isn't here at the mo either).

Hi, I have a Hagen (great amp, I absolutely love it) and the phase definitely flips between channels 3 and 4. I just checked by running it with my Diezel Big Max (single channel).
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