AXiom Distortion Preamp DP-1


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Demos of the Distortion Preamp (DP-1) just uploaded:

I kept the demos as simple as possible - guitar into the DP-1, then a cab sim (AXiom Speaker Cab Emulator) and chorus pedal for stereo spread (AXiom Stereo Chorus-Vibrato). Reverb was added in the DAW.

The last two demos used the AXiom Power Amp Emulator (PAE) after the DP-1 as those needed power tube behaviour to complete the sound. On the blues clip, the DP-1 is slightly breaking up with the PAE producing the rest of the break-up. On the Malmsteen clip the DP-1 has the DISTORTION control maxed out and the MORE control on '80s, with the PAE adding the compression and more sustain.

Any questions at all, just ask.
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