Battling Lung Cancer and Receiving Blessings from Zakk Wylde

Can't see em, broken link, maybe I'm the only one tho. How do ya like it? I see Wylde audio guitars getting bashed quite often but I've never personally played one, being made by Schecter should be good
Man, I like them. This is my third one. Feels very much like a Les Paul and SG.
Strength and blessings to you. Sorry you are going thru this, prayers for you and your family. Appreciate all the fractal knowledge and videos you have given us over the years. Great knowing Zakk is a great man, not just another gifted player. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more
Stay strong Todd and keep fighting and playing that guitar when you are able. I was actually thinking about you last night before I was heading to bed. For some reason I had "Centre of Eternity" in my head and remembered you much I loved you guys doing it because it wasn't a "Top 40" song. 😅🤘

We are all wishing you well and a speedy recovery brother!
wait.....what the fuck? I saw this thread had been bumped and I just assumed I'd be reading an update from Todd.....RIP brotha, I always enjoyed the videos he posted.......😞