Behringer Buys Out TC Electronics: End Of An Era


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Edit: Though I just realize that it hasn't really hurt Midas as far as I can tell and stuff like this has benefitted many people who love the X32... so who knows!


Behringer seems to be leaving their acquisitions alone so far. Midas and Turbosound are still putting out fantastic products.


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Seriously, the 6260's can definitely hang with the 5150 and 6505's of the world.. If they pay attention to quality control, the tone does the talking.


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TC has always stood for quality innovative products.

Uli Berhringer will whore out TC into mass produced Chinese garbage that breaks down like all his other products.

Sad day.

Pre Berhringer used TC 2290's value just went thru the roof.


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Behringer has cheapened up Midas, moving all manufacturing to China. I am sure they will knock tc down a notch as well. Not excited by this move at all as I am not a behringer fan.

I must give them credit though for trying to buy their way out of the cheap clone company they are generally known for.


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TC gear is already made in China. The value is in their IP and attention to customer requests. I doubt Music Group will slash TC as its a legacy prestige label meant to bolster a growing portfolio of high end brands.
The last TC pedal I bought was made in Vietnam if I remember correctly. The quality seemed poor, so I returned it. Still sad that they are getting bought by Behringer.