Best BBQ in Texas

Goldees is on my list.

In DFW I like Cattleack and Hurtados.

Best in SA are is 2M, Burnt Bean and Pinkertons.

Pinkertons has the best ribs of any place I’ve tried.

Franklin in Austin is a destination. You line up at 7:00 and drink beer till they open!
Best out here is a Smokin Joe's. Not sure why but they don't do brisket, and instead offer tri-tip.
Asked why once and the guy couldn't or wouldn't tell me.
Good friend did the Salt Lick pilgrimage a while back and her pictures of the food and place were ridiculous.
Them and Franklin are on the bucket list.
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The Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood - about 1/2 hr SW of Austin. I've been to Franklins and Snows. Salt Lick in Driftwood TX is better. Best get their early though.