Best mini strat HB ?


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If I'm reading you right, I think a vintage hot stack plus from SD, or hot stack plus, would get you there, depending on what output you gravitated towards. I've liked the stack plus pickups a lot.
Thanks for the suggestion; but those are not coil-splittable, right?
That's something I use a lot as well.


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You can coil split them, but then they just sound like stock singles that hum; useful when combined with split humbuckers
That's good news actually. My experience with splitting/switching humbuckers is that I prefer a coil-split tone to a parallel tone.
I can deal with the additional hum, if it gives me a less sterile, more characterfull tone. I find parallel switching often too 'meh'.


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The tone zone mini hb from dimarzio really did it for me back when i had a s/s/s strat. it really provided the extra low end chunk strats need to do heavy metal stuff.


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I just got a duncan custom shop modified jb jr. It's got an alnico v magnet instead of ceramic and it's a rail design instead of screws and pole pieces, 14.7k output. I've had hot rails, jb jr, and pearly gates jr. So far this is the best of the bunch, never tried the DiMarzio stuff though.