Best pedalboard patch cables for the money?


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Looking to upgrade the no-name cables that you can find in the bucket at Guitar Center. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on this upgrade, just something that will get me to the next level. Thanks!


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love the Planet Waves, very durable and sounds great :thumbsup: . George L are good but they are not very durable, breaks down easy.


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I love Evidence Monorails... a bit pricey but been on my board for years and never a problem. I actually use Evidence for all my Rig cables. I also like Dimarzio's... and have heard good things about Planet Waves for the $. I always buy in bulk and solder my own..saves alot of money and you can customize your lengths, connectors, etc.


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George L's along with the Evidence monorail are exceptionally discreet and used by top notch cats. Monorail is pretty inflexible, so won't take kindly to many moves.

The Lava cable with non-solder ends is awesome stuff. I wound 30 ft of the stuff with umpteen ends for a board I rigged up; it's awesome. Easy to use, great price, great quality.



For the money and zero hassle its got to be Planet waves. They are no slouch and very good for the money.

I tried the solder less Lava ELC mini and didn't get on with them so if you either lack the patience (like me) or are all fingers and thumbs, steer clear.


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Both of my boards have Hosa patch cables with the 90 deg plugs. I dont like the pancake plug cables they make. Benn using my live board for about two years with no failures. No tone degradation but I do have the Koko Boost up front and that has a good buffer in it.


I make all of my own cables and rarely have an issue. Like many, I use Canare GS-6 coax and Neutrik NP2X and NP2RX connectors. If I'm making more than 1, it ends up being cheaper than most "good" brands, and I can make them in exactly the right length and configuration I need.

I also make my own XLRs and almost any other wiring I need.