Bogner 101B Modifications


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Hey All,

First post here so sorry if this has been answered to death. I recently got an older Bogner 101B and was wondering what modifications were available for the amp. I have seen the Marvel mod for the red channel and some people make the red more of an extension of the blue. I was just wondering if there were any other notable ones? Thanks for your help.


See this thread, where my modding process is described: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=116020

Final list of mods done by me:

1) Mercury Magnetics transformers
2) TAD/Mojo Dijon dirty signal and tone caps (stock are WIMA's)
3) ERO/Roederstein MKT1813 cathode bypass caps (stock are Evix MMK for 1st gain stage, tantalum for Structure and MF for Factory Gain Mod)
4) Mallory 150 PI output caps (stock are WIMA's)
5) R6 1st gain stage SPDT 2-way switch: 820R//0.68uF | 1.5K//1uF (switch between stock and modded values)
6) R11 2nd gain stage: 2K7//2.2uF (stock is bare 4.75K resistor)
7) R43 Structure resistor – 20K (gives stock 2.38K total cathode resistance in H Structure position switch)
8) C2 Structure cap removed (no need of this as cathode bypass cap is solder fixed to R11 resistor)
9) R12 3rd gain stage for Red bypass SPDT switch: .22uF+2.7K | -- | .68uF+10K (Marvel Mod)
10) R19 3rd gain stage for Blue and 4th gain stage for Red bypass SPDT switch: 1uF | -- | .68uF (aka Plexi Cap in some other amps)
11) C224 1nF dirty Boost cap removed
12) C1 1st CC cap – 2.2nF//2.2nF (not a mod actually, stock is 4.7nF)
13) C23 & C24 PI output caps – 47nF (stock are 100nF)
14) C40 470pF Excursion cap removed
15) R62 L Excursion resistor –> 1M linear pot // 320K resistor = ~250K (Poweramp Resonance Pot)
16) Resonance cap SPDT switch: 2.2nF | --- | 470pF (switched to 470pF goves stock config)
17) dirty Treble linear pot (stock is audio/log)
18) 10K Presence pots (stock are 25K)

Regards, Andy :)


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Great to see you posting here again! Yuch a great resource for the Ecstasy.

We need some clips of you/your band.



Thanks Ron :)

I rarely use Bogner on stage these days but here are some clips from Bogner days. These are done AFAIR after basicly all mods done and my final tubes lineup were NOS Tesla EL34's, Phillips & Tungsram ECC83's on V2 & V3 gain stages, chinese in V4 and Sovtek LPI in PI (Tesla E83CC goldpins in V1 & PI in "Medley").
I used to use then LP Custom with 498T+490R uncovered pickups (EVH Wolfgang pickups in "Medley").

Dio - Holy Diver
Black Sabbath - I
Whitesnake - Love Ain't No Stranger

And something from our tunes, but in polish, sorry :): (studio recording using Bogner) (studio recording using Bogner)

Enjoy :)


NOS Pre Amp tubes in VI REALLY good ones (Bugle Boy, 1958 Mullard, RCA Black Plates etc.) do wonders IMO. For all the rest NOS Tungsram .