Bogner Blue Pedal


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I bought this pedal last year, and I absolutely love it. I find it perfect to run in front of Fender style amps I like, and even to boost any other amp. The EQ is really responsive and the options are wide this thing a noisy bastard! Am I alone in dealing with this? I have tried it with a couple power supplies, batteries. I mean it sonically sounds awesome but there is just such a noticable amount of extra hiss/hum/noise. Is the smaller one they came out with different?


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I recently sold off all my pedals. Mine was quiet. Bought it when they first came out. The big one. Is yours the original style or the new mini one? I hear some of the original ones had this issue. Luckily mine didn’t.


Mine it is the first version ( the one with the boost) and there is no hum or hiss even with the gain on full


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Mainly heard of noise issues with the bogner red, but thankfully mine is quiet. Got my bogner red back in like 2013 and still have it, just doesn’t get used as much as it should. One day I will dial in a great sound, then the next time I use it I find I have to tweak a good deal.


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Yeah I've also got a large/original version and never noticed the noise to be an issue. That's not to say its dead quiet or anything. But I never plugged it it and went "Oh fuck that's noisy"