Bogners - how many get made?


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Just curious since Reinhold has kept the internals/chassis of his amp construction “in house” amongst just a couple of builders …

How many amps do they actually build of each model? A couple hundred? Thousands?

Just interested since supposedly Bogner has not opted to use the larger BAD assembly team.

This is NOT a negative discussion. Just one of curiosity.
BAD is doing the mini Ecstasy. I assumed they were doing the bigger stuff too.

Most Bogner's get advertised in all the big box places so they must do decent volumes.
At least as of two years ago there was confirmation by Jorg that the handwired amps are still made at Bogners shop.

The chinese made pcb mini amps as well as bogners pedals come out of BAD from his specs. BAD was also doing their cabinetry and synergy builds last i knew.

I know MF and SW and a few others sell em but my assumption was they only ship 5-10 at a time. I dont think $4k amps sell that fast after initial release. But then again i have no clue
No way to know, but I would guess they don’t make more than hundreds or a couple thousand of their flagship amps like the Ecstasy, Shiva, Uberschall, etc.