Boss TW-1 Touch Wah Review!


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Episode 54: Boss TW-1 T Wah

To be honest with you guys, I put this pedal review off for a while. I'm just not an 'auto wah' kind of guy. I personally don't play the type of music that needs one, and I'm not the kind of player that really even knows how to use one, haha. So bear with me!

Anyway, the Boss TW-1 T Wah is a classic Boss pedals from the very early lineup. It was first introduced in 1978, and was sold until 1987. It was originally called the 'Touch Wah' but the name was changed to T-Wah while still in production.

Much like it's compressed cousin the CS-1, the T Wah has two knobs and one toggle switch. The knobs control Sensitivity, Peak, and the toggle switch controls 'Drive'. The Sensitivity knob controls how sensitive the effect is to your pick attack. The more you increase it, the more sensitive the pedal is, and will go into auto wah with less pick attack. The Peak knob is essentially an intensity control. The more you turn this knob clockwise, the more dramatic the effect is. Finally, the Drive knob controls where the virtual wah pedal treadle starts. In the up position, the treadle is in the 'up' position. In the down position, the treadle starts in the down position.

The auto wah effect is most notable in the Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians solo from the song 'What I Am', as well as lot's of other tunes. I tend to find that the TW-1 works best in this sort of situation, as in single notes, and not to emulate stepping on an actual wah pedal.

Overall, it's a pretty neat pedal. I'm just not an auto wah guy. But, you have to give it to Boss for putting out a pedal so far ahead of its time.

-Cameron Johnson

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