C.A.B. M - Third party IR memory slots


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I have upgraded the memory card to a 32GB one. There are four banks which can hold about 11 IRs each then it says memory full. 4*11 is quite limiting. When I think about it I could only load 4*11 IRs with the original 256MB memory card as well.

Is it supposed to be this way or am I missing something? I want to be able to browse through and audition the hundreds of IRs I have.

Edit: After consulting the manual it says "There is up to 512 memory slots for 3rd party IRs in the pedal." which is great but I wonder why my C.A.B. M can't utilize all of those slots. I realize that it depends on the size of each file but something is obviously wrong here.

Edit2: I figured it out now. What I am missing is to be able to select the IRs from the memory card through the Torpedo Wireless Remote app. It seems to only be possible from the device itself?
Some features are disabled in wireless remote due to the size of the data transfer, which makes wireless completely impractical - have you tried over wired remote?