Cab to pair with 5150 iii 50?


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For the record i have had my mesa cab for about 7 years now and the speakers are definitely broken in. My last question is...
If i am mixing a 60 watt V30 with a 20 watt speaker do i need to worry about blowing the GB with a 50 watt head? The head is never running beyond 50% since we try to keep stage volume low and use the PA as much as possible..
In that case the EVH5153 will see a 40 watt load (20w + 20w) as it takes the lowest wattage speaker and then multiplies. I'd be OK with that but it kind of depends on how conservative EVH is on their amp watt ratings.


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As others have said, that amp will shine far better with GB or similar types of speakers. V30’s work great with Mesa amps; but they become far pickier with other brands like Marshall/EVH/Soldano etc. I had a Mesa oversize slant with the armor plating and tried to force feed Marshall’s, stock or modded, for a few years. Finally sold that cab and picked up an old JMP cab with G12-65s. That was my eureka moment, back in 2009. From then on I tried to match my amps with better speaker combinations that worked best.
In my experiance V30’s shine with Mesas, Naylors and Marshall Jubilees. EVH, Marshall not named Jubilee, Soldano, Wizards all like a GB or similar speaker.

The one exception are the very early first version V30, the 8 ohm Marshall Vintages. I have a slant with these from 1988…all my amps dig them. But these are as rare as a late 60s cab with 20w GBs.


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Hey there this is my first post!! So i play in a hair metal cover band and im using the 6l6 head. I have it paired with a mesa vertical slant 2x12 and although it looks badass i feel the cab may be my issue. its really stiff and I at band levels my god its really sharp and brittle. Any cab suggestions?? Speaker change?? Also i dont wanna lug around a 4x12 so hopefully yall got something for me... thank you!
I have a 4x12 cab loaded with CL80's from the 80's. Sounds awesome in every way. Not stiff or bright or dull, just perfect.


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Something else, the EVH 50w 6L6 has very influential Treble and Presence controls, they do A LOT. Don't be afraid to dial the Treble below noon and the Presence down to 9 oclock or even lower if that's what it takes to get rid of the fizz. A lot of guitar players are hesitant to deviate controls on any amp much from noon. Don't be, the knobs go all the way from zero to max for a reason!
This is very true. I was digging my EVH 6l6 50 watt but it wasn't until I dropped the presence to 9 o'clock and treble below noon that it started to sing. Also with this amp, I can have the mids up way higher than where I normally put them.