Can you get hard to find bourbon?


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A lot of people online say "I can get Blantons or Weller all the time!".
I can't. Not in the DFW area.
Anything from Buffalo Trace is crazy hard to get here.
Spec's(liquor store chain)has their annual buffalo trace allotment sale Thursday. Sent out an email to let us know two day before.
Only at the Dallas store. The line was around the block by opening time.
You could only buy one bottle of Weller and had to choose between antique, full proof or 12 year. Same with the Blantons.
I was on the road and missed out.

I'm lucky to have a great bro in OK who scores Weller special reserve and Buffalo Trace for me when it shows up.
Whenever I get thru his area,I get to pickup a case of liquor I can't get down here.
I even scored a bottle of Eagle Rare thru a local bro who scored it for me while I was on the road.

Don't get me wrong, I have lots of the best bourbon that IS available.
But I can't get the others without paying stupid prices on the secondary market.

Can any of you get these harder to score allocated bottles in your area?
If so,would you be willing to help a brother out?

Looking for Blantons and Weller antique/full proof/12year.
And maybe anything else you bourbon junkies might be able to find.
I used to buy Weller 12 for $26 off the shelf. I could get the Pappys easy. I drink Evan White Label now. Proof is in the pudding.
Evan bottled in bond is good stuff.
Bought 8 bottles yesterday. Got the Old Forester whiskey row series at the store.
And ordered Michters standard line off the web for delivery.
Been wanting these for a year,finally said "fuck it,I deserve these."
Blantons hard to get in NC. I currently have 2-1/2bottles
BT fairly easy. Currently Got 3 bottles
Sazerac rye fairly easy. Got 3 bottles of that

Larceny BP fairly hard to get and imo the better of the high proofers. I’d take it over OF1920 and prob over Elijah Craig barrel proof.

If you want a BT and Saz let me know! Can def hook you up!
Kind of like waiting for a KOT.
All the hype and booshit
Can buy other decent bourbon like Angels Envy and be just as happy
Weller, Eagle Rare, BT, Taylor, EC, pretty much all the good mid-shelf stuff I love was easy to find in my area (KC) until about 2016. Then people started buying it just to show it off on their social media and trade away. Then prices shot up. I used to get bottles from IG buddies across the country, but even then the prices were still not what I was wanting to pay.

Pretty much stepped away from bourbon because of that, and switched to Lagavulin :p
Yep. The bourbon nerds…as I call
Them have driven the market up for sure. At some point it’ll slow down….kinda like Harleys and craft beers?
Yep. The bourbon nerds…as I call
Them have driven the market up for sure. At some point it’ll slow down….kinda like Harleys and craft beers?
That's the hope, but I don't see pricing coming down too much, you'll just see more availability. When craft beer got stupid I started picking up Bourbon. Now I've just given up. Thankfully, I still have a nice stockpile from my days of being a liquor rep.