Can't get WoS to work


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I created an account, got a licence, did the download and not sure what I am suppose to do.

There is no DLL file or EXE file or anything. There is some folder, all are empty except for some cabs and an uninstall shortcut.

What am I missing? How do I run this program in my DAW?

This has been one of the more difficult software install I have ever dealt with.

Dilan - Two notes

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it is a regular plugin. You just need to insert in your DAW like any other plugin. To be able to help you better can you file a ticket on the helpdesk ( please?

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Wouldn't a plugin be some sort of a file like a .dll? There are really no files in any of the folders. I sent a ticket.

@jackson : when you install WOS, it asks you your regular plugins folder, and it puts the WOS .dll there.

So as long as you told the right folder, performed the install all the way, and opened your DAW (in which you entered the folder(s) that has your plugins), you should be able to open WOS as a plugin in your DAW, just like any other plugin.