Captor 8 into 2 8 Ohm cabs with attenuation?


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Hi all,
New Captor 8 user here. I am absolutely loving this thing!

I'm wondering if it's possible to hook up to two separate 1X12 8 Ohm cabs to the attenuated output of the Captor 8? I have two different Mesa Cabs, a mini Rectifier 1X12 and a Mesa Widebody 1X12 and both of them have a parallel out on the back of the speaker cab. If I plug the 4 Ohm output of my amp into the Captor 8 and then plug the attenuated output of the Captor into my mini rectifier cab and take the parallel output of the Rectifier cab into the other cab, would this be a safe mismatch?

Thank you for your help!
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Dilan - Two notes

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Hello @KingBee

to have a safe mismatch, you need to use the 8 Ohms output of your amp, when you connect one or the pair of cabinets to the ATT output. When you use the ATT output of the Captor, it is the impedance of the Captor that counts for the amp. The cabinet(s) connected to this output does not alter the impedance seen by the amp.