Captor X - background noise


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So I'm running a Captor X with 2 powered studio monitors connected via XLR right + left

With both no amp attached, or amp off, I get a background noise on the monitors. Is this normal? It's like a low level hiss or buzz almost like an amp when it's on but no guitar plugged in


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Jason Wilding":11a46rg0 said:
I've not heard that before, is it white noise? What are your input gain levels like?
It's almost white noise yes - a low level hiss/drone. I thought it was an input thing, but it's the same with no amp input ie no amp connected.. I'll check again - it was set with no attenuation so I'll check the settings - output would have been about halfway with no space or voicing set (ie fully left). Input would be full and not pushed in for low.



In order to help you out, please submit a ticket on the Two notes helpdesk ( with audio samples recorded from the XLR outputs of the Captor X please? Can you also put the full description of your setup, please? this will help the technical team to understand your issue as quickly as possible.