Captor X in series with Reload / Arcade Presets for the Audient Sono


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Hello Everyone,

Captor X is great, however I sometimes struggle with the right end volume: the levels are too loud or not loud enough. Is it possible to go to the Reload first, adjust the volume and then pass the signal to Captor X for front house?

2nd question is regarding the Audient Sono, is there an option to convert the presets to the Arcade mode, as only those seem to be supported by the Sono?




with the output level of the Captor X you can set the level exactly to what you need for Front Of House. You might have to use the IN LEVEL swith to dim the signal coming from your amp, but you can makeup for the level loss and get the right level for the outputs.

You can import your Captor X presets through Torpedo Remote in the Sono. They will be converted by the software.