Captor x pre-purchase connection question


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Hi everyone,

I am thinking about purchasing a captor x. It will be used mainly for silent practice via headphones and sometimes with monitors.

When practicing with headphones I need to stream backing tracks, metronome, etc, from my computer. As the captor x doesn't have an aux in, I assume I need to connect to an audio interface.

I have a scarlett solo. Does any of you have experience using the captor with the solo?

I presume I have to route a mono signal out of the captor to one of the two inputs on the scarlett, right? Would it be possible to go stereo?

Thanks in advance!



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I connect the CaptorX left and right outputs to mic inputs 1/2 on my Audio Interface.
Then play along with YouTube backing tracks.
I listen through headphones connected to the AI or on the monitors connected to the AI.
Works great, sounds like your in the band.

If the Solo only has one input then you will have to adjust the CaptorX output(s) to mono.