Catalinbread Topanga Burnside Spring reverb


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As you're probably aware, there are alot of high-end Spring reverb pedals out there. Some use a real spring, others use an actual tube. The Topanga Burnside is a unique Spring reverb pedal, it dares to take a different path, stand out some.

How does it differ?

As you can see in my demo video attached to this review, this particular pedal has 3 main things that make it worth considering:

The Boost circuit:

Like it or not, this reverb pedal has a volume pedal and can be used to add some classic sounding overdrive to your guitar's clean signal. The question is why? The answer is to give you that surf tone we all know and love from Wipeout.

The Pre-Amp:

Although there are no given specifics, Catalibread says theyve included a pre-amp. The pre-amp rounds out and sweetens your base tone, I imagine ur would be something similar to a fixed version of the EP-3 boost preamp.

The Tube-emulated vibrato:

The Vibrato is placed after the reverb so it doesn't annoyingly cut off when you stop striking the chord. Instead, there's a natural flow to things and the tremolo almost functions like a delay in that way.

A controlled Spring reverb sound:

The Spring reverb sound on this pedal is very beautiful and it's not overly extreme with the shaking spring rattle. If you want that type of sound, you probably want to look elsewhere.

The warm sound of the tremolo following the realistically modelled spring reverb sprinkled with the pre-amp and option to boost the signal are what made this my top go-to Spring reverb pedal.

Good stuff!