Changing speakers or creating a cab?


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I have a Peavey Invective 120 and a Peavey Invective .212 cab which are my go-to amp and cab. The Invective 212 cab has 2 different types of speakers (the 412 does as well, just two more and they are mounted in an X pattern), one Celestion Vintage 30 and one Celestion G12-H Creamback. This cab sounds amazing and from the time I got it has taken the place of my Mesa 2x12 Horizontal cab. It sounds amazing with any amp I plug into it, but there is something about the Invective 120 that doesn't just sound better, it sounds like to two are meant to be paired together.

I can't find an Invective cab sim anywhere. Not an IR, but a cab sim. I want to be able to tweak it. So I have been searching everywhere for an alternative, like maybe a custom cab in one of the IR packages, that has the same combination of speakers, but I can't find it anywhere. There are a few Beast cabs that are 4x12 cabs that have 4 different speakers in them, but I can't find a closed back 2x12 or 4x12 cab with V-30s and Creambacks anywhere. Last night I went through the entire Two Notes "Complete Guitar Package", which supposedly has every cab available from Two Notes, but could not find what I am looking for there either.

I figured I would be good with just about any 212 or 412 cab with this pairing of speakers in it, but I just can't find it. Is there something I am missing. There are a great many descriptions of cabs on the Two Notes site that say merely "using Celestion speakers" rather than specifying the TYPE of speaker. I was wondering if maybe they do that on descriptions of cabs that use more than one type of speaker? If so, this is bass-ackwards AF! To fully describe cabs loaded with 2 or 4 of the SAME speaker, but go slack on your descriptions when they involve more than one speaker type is a concept that seems completely asinine to me, and I can't be alone in this line of thinking. I digress, any suggestions that could be of help here would be greatly appreciated. The general idea here is that I would like to have a rig in my C.A.B. M+ that is ideally, the same or as close as I can possibly get to the actual rig I use live. If I can't find an Invective 212 cab, then perhaps a Fortin or Mesa (or the like) horizontal 212 closed back with the same V-30/Creamback speaker pairing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Dilan - Two notes

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Hello @GtrPLyr83 .

There is indeed no Invective cabinet in our catalogue. We are always willing to bring new cabinets in through our Capture Masters, so I'll forward this to one of them for a future release.

As for the a cabinet with V30 and Creamback in the same cab, there are 2 that are exactly what you are looking for:

Regarding product descriptions, we have an issue that is not showing up perfectly the speakers mounted in some cabinets when these cabinets have 2 different speakers inside.