Chef Proves McDonald's Burgers Aren't Food

Donnie B.

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McDonald's loses legal battle with chef Jamie Oliver, who proved that the food they sell is not suitable for ingestion, because it's highly toxic.
Chef Jamie Oliver won a battle against the largest junk food chain in the world. Oliver proved how burgers make.
According to Oliver, the fatty parts of the meat are ′′ washed ′′ with ammonia hydroxide and then used in the meat ′′ pie ′′ packaging to fill the burger. Before this process, according to the host, this meat was already not suitable for human consumption.
Oliver, radical activist chef, who took on a war against the food industry, says: we're talking about meat that would have been sold as dog food and human beings are served after this process. In addition to meat quality, ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health. Oliver says this: ′′ The process of pink shit ".
What sane human being would put a piece of ammonium hydroxide soaked meat in a baby's mouth?
In another of his initiatives Oliver demonstrated how chicken nuggets are made: after selecting the ′′ best parts ′′ - the rest: fat, skin, cartilage, visceras, bones, head, legs, they undergo a smoothie-mechanical separation - it's the understatement that engineers use in food, and then that blood-rosy pasta is deodorated, discolored, re-painted and repainted, capped in melcocha melcocha flouracea and fried, this is re-found in usually partially hydrogenated, i.e. toxic.
The food industry uses ammonium hydroxide as an anti-microbial agent, which allowed McDonald's to use in its meat burgers, which is not suitable for human consumption.
But even more disturbing is the situation that these ammonium hydroxide-based substances are considered ' legitimate components in production process s' in the food industry with the blessings of health authorities around the world. Consumers will never be able to find out what substances they put in our food.

How many billion sold? o_O

The chickens(!) are coming home to roost for a lot of these companies.

There's been much movement in the UK and EU on this of late. Major, trusted companies that make meatballs, burger patties and so on have been exposed now that their meat sources where traced and DNA tested.

Turns out many of them used meat that came from sick, dead and almost-dead cattle, dragged by winch into abattoirs. Every part of these animals was then used to concoct the mince used in the aforementioned products. Horse meat was thrown in for good measure too.

Was weird seeing the article today because just yesterday at lunch my SIL was talking about
something with bleach and meat but I didn't get any details.

I wouldn't want to be working in the Quality Control or Consumer Confidence depts. at any
fast food giants right now. Like you said, be very surprised if this doesn't become a really big thing.
Personally I wouldn't be surprised if it disappeared off the radar again for another 5 or 10 years, Donnie.

Historically there's been a pattern, after all. Token moves are made by suppliers, vendors, governments or whomever and everybody goes back to sleep shortly afterwards.
Back in the 80s I was dating a pair of ladies who worked at McDonalds. They said that before the burgers were cooked they were white as a ghost as the primary ingredient was soy.