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Here’s a repost. Please make this a sticky.

Here's the original list of rules:
Very simply put it is our intent to create a "safe haven" to buy, sell and trade equipment. Honor and integrity will be paramount here.
Our Buy / Sell / Trade section has to be managed. There are rules that need to be followed. To allow the "" community to grow we are not requiring any fee for listing items at this time.

Rules (in addition to the Board rules)
With the exception of authorized commercial sellers the Classifieds Section is strictly for private party sales and is offered free of charge to members of the Rig-Talk Community. If you are a dealer or commercial seller you must PM me directly for permission to post your gear.

1. You need 50 posts to PM / buy / sell / trade here. Cheap posting to up your count is bad etiquette, will be frowned-upon and won't win you any friends here.
2. No unauthorized commercial postings.
3. MANDATORY! - Please provide clear original pictures in For Sale or Wanted to Trade listing and items MUST BE IN YOUR POSSESSION. Small or blurry images in your Ad may cause it to be removed without warning. No links to Pictures somewhere else. Your picture must be in your ad period.
4. No e-bay or reverb links in the B/S/T unless you are the seller and add the sale price or trade equivalent and offer to end the auction early if a forum member says he wants it.
5. No negative comments regarding sellers asking prices.
6. All items must have a sale price, including items up for trade. FT ads should preferably nominate items accepted.
7. No selling of surplus goods from other sites.
8. No selling of questionable goods.
9. Equipment - Please state whether original or altered. This applies to all equipment and all processes.
10. Bumping Rules - Only one Bump in a 24 hour period.
11. Please provide all relevant contact information between both parties involed in a classifed transaction.
12. Use the Violation button (even on your own listing) if help is needed with an ad or a rules violation is observed.
13. Please read all relevant pinned Announcements/Important Topics at the top of the Classifed Forum.
14. DO NOT cross post your classified listing in other parts of the site. If it is for sale or trade it belongs in the classifieds.

To try to cut down on the spammers and protect the nation we have implemented a new system for the classifieds:
All new members must have a minimum of 50 posts to list something or post a reply in the classifieds.

2007-05-18 Update : Seriously people, read the damn rules, we're not going to bother PM'ing people just to get pissy
responses, follow the rules or ads are deleted.
2021-09-02 Update : Edited by Monkey Man for clarity and to emphasise the 50-post rule.
2021-10-07 Update : Edited by Monkey Man to discourage cheap posting WRT the 50-post rule.
2021-10-29 Update : Edited by Monkey Man to add a new rule, #15.
2022-06-29 Update : Edited by Monkey Man to clarify rule #6 based on member poll.
2023-09-30 Update : Edited by Monkey Man to remove rule #15.
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