Colorsound Wah Pedal making horrible pulsing noise


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I’ve had this Colorsound Wah pedal for a while now and it’s always worked great for me. However, I recently sold it on eBay and the buyer said it was making a terrible sound that made it unusable. I got him to send it back to me and gave him a refund. He was right - It’s now making a horrible noise when the circuit is engaged. I’ve contacted Macaris in London (who make these pedals) and they are baffled by the sound its making so was wondering if anyone here can shed any light on what might be wrong with it? Any help / pointers would be greatly appreciated. It’s 9 volt battery operated - no mains input. (90’s model I think). I’ve tried swapping the battery, changing leads & amps. See youtube link for video sound clip Thanks.


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