Come Get Your Mean On! :-)


Doctor Love
Look, we’ve all been a little unkind to each other for the last week or so and it makes me sad. So my idea is this: why don’t y’all come be mean to me instead while you’re “enjoying“ this video??
You’ll understand more and see your opportunity if you watch. Come say hateful things to me and feel better. I’ll be that guy for you.

Happy Friday and laugh a little. Please.
Nah. Punching a noob in the face so he can take one for a team he just joined to make some sort of altruistic points for himself seems counterintuitive to the mindset of most of us rigtalk heathens here...IMO anyway. Read my sig to get the irony of this post. Or don't. Who gives a fuck?
Dude people gonna like what they like and dislike what they dislike. Most importantly people don’t really care what you or I think. They base their gear on their favorite bands choices.

Mean nah not me but IMO your vid was all over the place and too long for MTV generation and after. Maybe your other videos are different.

As for silver bursts like every other Les Paul that someone famous played. Stoopid expensive.

Funny thing is Slash who single handedly saved Gibson was playing a well made Les Paul copy.