Converting a 4x12 into a 2x12


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I have an angled Marshall 4x12 cab that I'm thinking of cutting up with a bandsaw to make a 2x12 cab.

I'll likely just use the bottom half, with the remaining pieces used to patch up any gaps. Also I'll put in new grille cloth.

Is that worth doing? Or will it "sound odd" from all the extra glue or nails in it that will hold it together?


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I think I will scrap this idea and just trade in the speakers for a bunch of pedal patch cables.

Rick Lee

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I had an old Ampeg 4x12 with EVM speakers I wired up to be two 2x12s. At the time I was running a Gallien-Krueger 250ML and sometimes an RL head. So running that in stereo sounded totally awesome with the chorus panning between the halves.


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CrazyNutz":3lh0bncu said:
I think is good you reconsidered, sounds like you were heading for a major PITA project :)

And we’re all jerks because we weren’t gonna say anything and just let you do it first.