Custom build Luxxtone "Ace of Spades" USMC - Pics

King Guitar

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Hey Guys,

Here is some pics of my new custom build Luxxtone USMC "ACE OF SPADES". Jerry is the best! :thumbsup:

If you want an old school San Dimas style hot rod he is the guy. :rock:

Click on the pics for high resolution quality.


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Really looks cool. Love the finish and the maple board. Put together one hell of a guitar.
:rock: OOH RAH!!!!!!!!! Iam a formal MARINE. My oldest son is currently A MARINE and my middle son is Heading for MARINE CORE boot camp in FEB. That guitar is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks great Brad. Congrats on the NGD! I've been able to play a few luxxtone guitars at TM, they're all winners!
Some more High Res Luxxtone pics. Click on the image to see the high resolution image


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Man, I had told Dave that I wanted one with a EGA on it!! LOL Too funny you beat me to it Brad!! I need to get one with our "Mavericks Raiders" (thats what we called ourselves...LOL) logo we added to our Tanks as we crossed into Kuwait and Iraq back in the early 90's!! I gotta dig up any old pics I have from back then, see if I can find any of the logo we made, as that would be totally bitchin!!