Did Rondomusic stop production of many guitars?


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(Or should I have said stop selling guitars...)
I haven't been on this site in a couple months but I remember he had a whole list including singlecuts, and regular strats, super strats, a couple SG type models, etc... It seems now he just has the prog/djent type looking guitars. What happened to all the other Agile models?


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I remember he was shopping the idea of selling the brand? Wonder if he's just pulling back in general. Too bad though, I liked a lot of their less metal stuff.


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Oh, wow. Just ordered an AL from them like a year back. The AL knockoffs were the only guitars I really liked nd I've been using their guitars as cheap mod platforms for probably a decade. All that goofy metal shit was for the SS org babies.


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March 17, 2021 This week we have some excellent news to report regarding the availability of Agile guitars. We do expect to receive a final production and shipping schedule for a limited number of models including the Renaissance and some of the headless models as soon as next week and no later than April 1st. As these details becomes available, we will post on our site and send out a email updates. This week we have received notification that some of the sold-out cases are scheduled to arrive shortly, so we have made a few of those available below for advanced ordering and will add more to that list by April 1st as well. Thank you for your patience! We expect inventory to remain tight for the rest of the year. For example, we do not expect to see any AL-3100 or 3200MCC models until the fall and most should sell out before they arrive, but at least some models should start becoming available to order again shortly.


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My wish list fwiw:

- Only 6 string guitars.
- 25.5 scale length
- more red colors
- ocean burst is out of style
- so is poplar burl
- no fan frets
- please make an SG model with 25.5"
- please include Floyd rose 1000 series
- I like fret inlays instead of blank
- direct mount pickups
- Fishman Fluence are so sleek looking
- don't care for ergonomic guitars

Again, fwiw.