Diezel 2x12 cab choice?


I decided I need a Diezel 2x12 cab for my Einstein and VHX. I’m leaning towards the 2x12 front loaded with V30s. But what about the other options? What would I be losing out on by going with a front loaded cab. And what about the G12K100? Am I correct in my assumption that front loaded is better suited for heavier styles? I’ll be using this cab only at home and for recording. Any info is much appreciated.


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I have both a Diezel 2x12FL that came with the K100’s and Diezel 2x12RL that came with V30’s. In both cabs, I now have a Celestion V30 and a Celestion Creamback 65. For me, that mix of speakers covers all the frequencies I play (Note...I dislike the Creamback 75).
The front loaded cab is good for more of a Mesa heavier sound like you mentioned, so it depends on what type of music you play. Overall, the rear load cab works for me. And unless you are playing Korn or Slipknot all the time, stay away from the K100’s.

I have a VH4, Herbert, and a D-Moll. All sound good with either cab.

That’s my two cents anyway....


I had the FL 2x12 wv30's for a bit. It was a great cab and was very punchy and huge sounding. I would only buy that cab if you are playing a lot of or primarily metal like mentioned above. I play metal and prefer FL cabs but depending on your style, the RL cab may be a better choice. I would try the RL v30 cab if I were you. That's my opinion of course.