Diezel 4x12 replacement casters and mounting plates?


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I just got a Herbert and matching 4x12 but it didn't come with casters and the plates on the bottom are corroded. Are there direct replacements available or has anyone swapped theirs out for something else they could recommend? I'd like to avoid drilling new holes if possible. Thanks for any help!
I’d like to know this too. One of the spring bits on one of my cabs broke so the caster slides out when I’m not paying attention and it attempts to topple my rig! 😝
It really shouldn't be this hard, right? ha
Haha I know. I had the same issue finding the correct wheels for my Mesa cab.

I think I’ve sourced possible replacements for the Diezel cabs. I found a thread on musiker-board.de from September last year :

Beitrag im Thema 'Diezel Cabinets: Welche Rollen verwendet Diezel?'

DeadboZ (post #13) says the plate size is 65 x 50 x 2 mm or approx 2 5/8 x 1 7/8 inches

These have 2 5/8 x 1 7/8 inch plates :

Penn Elcom 5291 50 mm swivel castor


I just ordered a set so hopefully they’re the right ones. It could take a few weeks until delivery but I’ll update here when they arrive to confirm if they’re the right ones.
Haha I know. I had the same issue finding the correct wheels for my Mesa cab.
About 15 years ago when my mesa caster broke, I just called them up. They mailed me a new one and new rubber feet for my recto head free of charge. Not sure if they do that anymore, but calling the people with a ton of them in a shop doesn't hurt.

For Diezel, maybe try shooting an email to BAD?
I bought the wheels but they haven't arrived yet so that's great news. Thanks for the update. Now I just need to find the mounting plates. Mine are functional but are also corroded and should be replaced.
That’s a bummer. Hopefully they get back to you with info on the plates. It might be worth a shot contacting a dealer as well.

I have an order in with Thomann for a Hagen FS7 foot switch. It was a 6-7 week estimate for delivery so should be arriving soon.