Diezel Einstein mod channel 2


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Hi there guys:

First of all I wanna say thank you to Peter Diezel for his personal vision of the market, and it's cause it makes their amplifiers very personal sounding.

I played a VH4 and I loved it, very FAT, really big, bassy, pretty versatile and a personal voice that really impressed me.

Well, in fact nowadays I cannot afford a VH4, I'm going to buy an Einstein; it seems to cover more or less the VH4 sounds until the channel 3.

What I'm asking for Peter is if it's possible for him to mod the channel 2 from the Einy in the VH4-channel 4 way. Mega mode from the first Einy channel seems to be very very similar to channel 2.... so it would be very interesting to change the voicing from the second channel to that way.

I wanna say that I don't need the mid cut from the Herbert as I don't like it too much, it's my taste and I'm more oriented to VH4 sounds.

Thanks :)