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Hey Guys, please use this as a good example on how to post a review in this section. - Brad

Copied and pasted a review I did for a different site. Enjoy.

Features: This is a Brand New 2007 model 100 watt Diezel Einstein head that I purchased at Guitar Center. I play rock, prog rock, some metal and sometimes classic rock type stuff. Play in both an original and a cover band and this amp does whatever I want it to night after night. It has two channels, with three modes on the first channel and a high gain second channel, more on that later. The only complaint I have is that the three modes on the first channel are not footswitchable out of the factory. This is easily remedied by a tech, but it's a nuisance. It has two effects loops, serial and parallel, an emulated line out for direct recording, and 5 speaker outputs. This amp can take any type of output tubes you want to throw at it because it has a super huge bias sweep. I currently have the stock Ruby El-34's in but it can run 6L6, KT88, 6550, 5881 etc. It has more than enough power, it is an insanely loud 100 watts. At about 3 on the master volume it was drowning out a drumkit. The best amp feature wise I have ever had. // 9

Sound: This is why you buy a Diezel. The tones are incredible. Here's a run down of the sounds on the amp. For reference purposes I have a Gibson SG and a PRS SE Custom, and I'm running it with an Orange 2x12 loaded with Celestion V30's. Ch.1 Mode 1: Probably the best clean tone I have ever heard in a high gain amp, better even than the other Diezel models. Full, round and warm, when you turn the gain up it can get pretty punchy. I hesitate to compare this to other amps, but it does that lunging Hiwatt tone really easily. Ch.1 Mode 2: This is the "Texas" mode that can get you from cleaner blues tones to a single channel JCM800 style gain. Extremely dynamic and responds to your pick attack immediately, getting louder and more distorted as you pick harder and cleaning up when you pick softly. Probably my favorite channel, but that changes day to day. Ch. 1 Mode 3: Whoa, this channel has a lot of balls. This is the over the top channel, not quite as much gain as channel 2 but still high gain enough. More compressed than channel 2, this can get you anything from 80's hair metal tones to scooped metal tones. It's voiced very sweet, with give and sweetness to the saturation so death metal isn't it's first choice, but it can definitely do it. Hard to stop playing on this channel. Ch. 2: This is the monster. A liquid lead tone that needs to be heard to be believed. My favorite of the lead tones in the Diezel lineup. It's dynamic, with the gain at 9 o'clock you can get a punchy overdriven blues tone, and when you move the gain up it starts to get insane. You really never need to move the gain past 1 o'clock. Just a great channel. Please note that you need to run this with a good cab, a bad cab will yield a bad sound. Also this amp loves Vintage 30's, so keep that in mind. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Seems to be indestructible. It sounds cliche but this thing could survive nuclear war. Peter Diezel is a genius, and unlike some of the other names in amplification he's a person that a mere mortal like myself has spoken to more than once. He can be found monitoring the Rig-Talk when he's not building tone machines. // 10

Impression: Greatest amp I have ever owned. I've had Marshalls, Voxes, Peaveys, Oranges and this trumps them all. This and a nice guitar and I don't even need effects, the tone is just too good on it's own. I would not hesitate to buy another Diezel product ever. Definitely a lot of money, but no investment has ever been this worth it. I highly reccomend it. // 10
Excellent example of a well written review. I have made this a sticky in the section, Please use this to get an idea of what we would like to see in this section for a review :rock:

^100% pure truth. That was rather unusual feeling for me, as well. Not having guitar amp GAS for the last year or so was like revelation :) Now I have to get only a VH4 and a Herbie...
Great review - agree 100%. Einstein 100W is my main gigging amp as well. Tone for days.

I will add that the Einstein mates well with the G12T75's (or equivalent) - I play through 5150 cabs, and the Einstein shines through perfectly. :rock:

I have been "ordered" to pickup a FL Diezel 412 with the G12K100's - which I have next on my GAS list to pick up!! :doh: :LOL: :LOL:
I def agree!! Just got my Einstein.
I love the first channel mod 3.Very special and very open not as compressed as the second channel. I wish if it has more gain like the second channel but it would compressed more so it's OK.
Love that amp. My favorite Diesel amp. Very organic dirty saggy mean and creamy.
Tried it with V30s fo a bunch of years, in 4X12 and also in an early Diezel 2X12 but recently my bandmate gave me his 4X12 G12K100 and it sounds incredible: very agressive, open but still way tight, and with all the creamy singing character of the amp shining through. Great combination. Love this amp to bits and none other has come close in my ears.
Anyone still have this amp?
When I tried one, it disnt seem to get heavy enough for some really aggressive music, but maybe I didn't have. A lot of time on it.

How versatile do you guys find it?

I've been looking at used Diezels, Engl Savage and the Driftwood Purple Nightmare - which I am told is like the super model of all amps. Lol.
It would be nice if they made the amp with more usable gain.
I love amps that have usable gain all the way to max or 10.

My issue with Diezl has been the super dark nature and compression. Seem to be great recording amps but I wouldn't want to gig one. Too dark and would worry I couldn't be heard. :(