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The Diezel Schmidt

Since it got revealed i was interested in this amp. Being a Herbert user since 2009 i had a love/hate relationship with it for the last two years, to much gain, to heavy, a bit to much compression, not taking OD pedals to well. Recently i got the chance to get the Schmidt and a rear loaded cab in a trade and i was stoked to see if this would make me happy.

The eq is responsive, the loop is just as good as the Herbert and there is no mastervolume. The reverb is broken, in trying to fix the issue but i knew about it up front when doing the trade.

Channel 1:
A warm clean channel that stays clean which suits my jazz mood perfectly when playing. I could see funk players enjoying this channel a lot!
When using my BB preamp i get a smooth low gain lead tone which i enjoy a lot, when i step on my tube screamer i get a singing lead tone that ive been enjoying a bit to much. I would choose this amp even if it only had this channel, its that good!

Channel 2:
A warm fat low gain rythem or a smooth lead tone which i didnt get from my Herbert. Think of “always on the run”, its that type of low gain tone. When using a tube screamer it gets as heavey as the Herberts channel 2+ but with less compression amd more open sounding. When using my 8 string it handeld the 7th and 8th string very good.depending on the eq and gain settings this channel can get me a wide veriety of tones, this amp does many styles very good.

Channel 3:
A hotter thicker version of channel 2. Because im using pedals i dont feel the need using this channel. However when im not using pedals and feel the need for a bit more of eveything while using channel 2 this is the perfect fit for the job!
The first week i didnt like this channel at all, at the moment i have the gain set around 40% and its a sweet spot.

Ive played it trough a couple of my cabs but my favorite was a very old beaten down Engl 1x12, its a more mid focused and loose cab loaded with a V30.

The needs i had before where cured with this amp, its a keeper!
daily i play jazz, neo soul, rock and metal and this is the amp to do it all.

Peter you did an amazing job!



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A local tech fixed the reverb, a broken coil in the unit was the problem. Instead of putting a new reverb unit in he partly recoiled it and it works!

Cost: €72

The reverb sounds amazing and i prefer it to all the pedals i have